Pineapple Meter(Bluetooth )



Pineapple Meter
According to the appearance of choice, the pineapple fruit solid full sense of weight, peel clean and bright, free from cracks, rely on injury, the fruit Head distinct processes, fresh fruit you want to smell up a special flavor of a rich, juicy, sweetness, acidity low.and taste and refreshing aroma, best quality.
Pineapple epidermis very uneven, full of nail holes, "nail the eyes of a burr to eliminate the peel together to take down before practical, sweet and delicious part of the whole pineapple fruit shoulder (commonly known as the pineapple head).
Buy pineapple in addition to determine the maturity and sweetness, with the flavor, peel appearance of color is worth noting that improved pineapple because of the high sugar content, are most afraid of cooked flesh is easily fermented sour, so buy the best selection of golden skin. with green pineapple, a heavy feeling, peel edge mesh on large and highlight.
Some experts also used his finger to bomb a bomb pineapple, if it sounds a meat sound and flexible is a healthy pineapple, on the contrary the sound tight and hard is the secondary product.
This procedure is to use the fingers to bomb a bomb pineapple (sound can be received via Bluetooth ear MIC) to know whether this pineapple healthy and delicious.

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