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WARNING: This app will NOT work on Android 5.0 and above devices!

Calculate Pipe Laser or Grade/Dual Grade Lasers reading in % (percents) within a seconds. Can be done from known:
- gradient 1:n;
- levels at points and known distance between them;
- coordinates (X,Y,Z)/(E,N,Z) for both points.
As an extra you will get as well:
- fall/rise value in millimeters per meter;
- gradient 1:n;
- difference in height between points;
- intermediate level required for point located at given distance "X" from point 1.
Also,with Check Alignment Option, you can check if your pipe or kerb line is going in the right direction, with the right gradient, and what the level is going to be at the end of the line if you keep going without changes.

Set-Out or check gradients, fall, rise, fall in mm per meter, current level against required/theoretical. Check how much need to cut or fill slope surface to bring it to right level at any point along given line.

N.B. Always check your Setting-Out and Calculation with different methods and common sense ("sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts"). Developer and/or distributor of this program can NOT and will NOT be hold responsible for any mistakes which happened as a result of using or not using this program. By downloading and installing this program user agree to it and accept full responsibility.

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