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How much do you know pistols? What about its weight, length and what the history of developing? Do you know in which period the gun server in army? If you what to get the answer, you have to enter the national library or enter a school library. And if you do not like read book, you may choose ask your teachers or friends. But your friends would not around you all time, and visit library has time and place limitation! Pistol Library can help you finished the task and get the most detail information for you. It is an mobile phone pistol library. That is to say, you can search the basic knowledge about guns on your android mobile phone or tablet. No matter when you have question about shooting guns, you can get the answer as quick as possible!
This pistol free app can not help you know the information about pistols, but also tell you some knowledge about assault rifles, battle rifles and flame throwers! It includes almost all types of guns. Without entering a real gun store, you can know more about them! The most wonderful thing is you can know the guns according to gun eras. We classified them into before world war II and after world war II. You can not only know the gun information but also their publish time in history!
1.There are three main app icons in this free application! They have a inclusion relation! Pistol Library has the greatest functions; Gun Eras tell you the information according to world war II; Gun country can disturbed all gun types according to which country they belongs to!
2.When you open the icon named Pistol Library, you have three choices: Gun type, gun country and gun eras. You can choose any one as you like. Each button has the same information but belongs to different sort!
3.We classified the gun into for types. They are pistols, assault rifles, battle rifles and the flame rifles! Every type has 6 models.
4.Every model of guns has a corresponding icon. You can get the gun appearance from the icon picture.
5.It will tell you all information about the gun types:
The gun service history (service in world war I/II or in other battles), production history, weight/ length (277mm or others), feed history and so on.
6.Tell you which country the gun belongs to. Press gun country button in home page, you can see 13 countries (including America, south Africa, south Korea and so on). Tap the country, you can see the typical gun of this country!
7.If you what to know the knowledge of gun that appeared before world war II, you can press the gun eras to get the answer!
8.Keep the mobile screen on if you use setting button and active it. When you use apps, the phone scrren will locked itself if you do not touch it, but if you active it, it will not locked any more.
9.If you what to install other popular free applications on your android mobile phone. You can download with "about" button. For example, you have know more information about guns, and you what to shooting guns with your phone, you can download Phone-gun Games with this app! Other free apps are also offered for you!

Now why don't you have a gun library on mobile phone? When you feel confused about pistols or firearms and handguns...you can open this app to get answers. With this app you can know more about flame throwers and battle rifles, as a result, when you what to choose a handgun in gun store, you will have a target in your mind. Because the size and weight and history are all in your mind! Enjoy the free app and have a happy day :)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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