Pixel Repair



This is the safest and cheapest way to get rid of stuck pixels! Pixel Repair helps repair/rebuild faulty pixels!

Pixel Repair works by making your faulty pixels blink. The software works with pixels that always show the same or wrong color. The likelihood of repairing a defective subpixel is around 40%. It might also repair dead (black) pixels, but the chance is low and there is no guarantee.


- Repairs stuck pixels

- This is the safest and cheapest way to get rid of defective pixels

- Cannot repair black (dead) pixels

- Needs 60 minutes (you can use it longer if necessary)

- Different repair modes

How to use:

1. Plug you Phone into a power supply.

2. Start the Pixel Repair App

3. In the Menu, select the repair Color:

White : Fixes any kind of pixel errors (if you are not sure, tap on the white square)

Red : Fixes by letting pixels only blink in red and white colors

Green : Fixes by letting pixels only blink in green and white colors

Blue : Fixes by letting pixels only blink in blue and white colors

4. Place the Repair-Square by tapping on the error pixel.

5. Let the program work for an hour.

It won't work every time! There is no guarantee of success!
WARNING: Do not stare at the Repair-Square if you've had epileptic seizures or family history of epilepsy.

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