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Place Saver allows you to save locations and places so you can get back to them later. You can save your current location, or enter an address or GPS coordinates. Place Saver provides capabilities beyond the simple star function provided by Google Maps, such as allowing you to name the locations you save, storing notes about them, and adding homescreen shortcuts to them. Once saved, you can open the locations in Google Maps, navigate to them, edit them, and share them with friends. You can later search through your saved locations and their notes!

You can enter addresses or GPS coordinates manually or you can share locations from Google Maps. Your approximate distance from each of your saved locations shows up right in the menu.

Saved locations can also be viewed on a map in-app via the Google Maps API. Locations can be clicked on and then navigated to etc.

You can also save shortcuts to saved places on your homescreen. Hold down on a homescreen, click shortcuts, click Place Saver and select your options. Shortcuts can open the saved place in Place Saver, Google Maps, Directions, or even open Navigation directly to the place!

Place Saver will allow you to share locations via a Place Saver link, plain text, or a Google Maps link if saved from Google Maps. These formats can be shared via SMS, email, or any other Intent Receiver which supports plain text. Place Saver links may be opened on other devices with Place Saver and saved, allowing you to share all the information about a given location, down to the exact GPS coordinates!

- Save locations with custom names and notes
- Save current location with GPS coordinates
- Save a location by entering an address or GPS coordinates
- Save locations from Google Maps Share menuh
- Open locations in Google Maps
- View saved locations on an in-app map
- Start navigation to saved locations
- Create homescreen shortcuts to open or navigate to saved locations
- Create homescreen shortcuts to save your location
- Search through your saved locations and notes via text or voice search
- Share saved locations via SMS, email, etc.
- Directly dial phone numbers or open web links saved in notes
- Sort locations by name, distance, or when you saved them
- Search integration with Google Search app (just enable it in the Google Search app options)

- Coarse Location - To use network location to get approximate distance to saved locations
- Fine Location - To get and save current location
- Internet - To look up addresses to get location and distance to location

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