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This "Plan note" is an application which manufactures a network diagram and WBS with a smart phone.
It can be used for the idea-processing tool to which an idea is summarized, the process control tool which considers a work procedure and a schedule, etc.
Please make the idea which flashed into brief language (object), and arrange it off the top of your head.
It is an ideal that the image in the head becomes a clear plan by connecting these objects with a connector.
The object on a screen and the connector should change and arrange a color and line width.
In addition, since you can check before purchase with the free version whose function and operativity is almost the same, please use.

Please refer to the following URL for operation.

++ History ++
□2012/12/24 A color selection portion is simplified.
##2012/12/12 Add function of figure layout
This "layout" arranges well each figure created by "Plan Note" along with a user\'s purpose.
The graph which becomes a "layout" material is the file saved in the SVG format.
The SVG file created by our (SkAndDev) another applications (a "Table-Graph Note", a "Schedule Note", etc.) can also be used as a material.
Please arrange to a SVG file preservation directory (/mnt/sdcard/SkAndDev/Process/SVG).

Enables to display 5W1H in WBS.
Moreover, output a SVG format.
##2012/10/24 File output function addition by SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.
##2012/10/22 The automatic change function of the time unit of a work schedule
##2012/09/06 WBS(Work Breakdown Structure)
##2012/09/02 The addition of a copy function.
And adjustment of object size and font size is enabled.
##2012/08/26 Fault was corrected.
##2012/08/22 A process calculation result is displayed on a work schedule.
##2012/08/15 A Multi-Line type is added to the form of an object.
##2012/08/14 A process calculation function is added.
##2012/08/13 Enables to choose object form from several kinds
##2012/08/12 Add function of movement in a group unit

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