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    This is a fully functioning x86 emulator that allows you to play older PC games, run dos programs, or, if your bored enough, install Windows.

    Important: If you're having keyboard or sound issues, please download the config file from the developer page link
    at the bottom of this window. You may need to do some tweeking to it for your particular device.

    This is a DosBox port. If you're not familiar with DosBox I'd suggest going to their website at to learn the basics.

    Very important: What happens in DOS doesn't stay in DOS. If you delete a critical file or folder on your sd card in DOS, it will not magically reappear when you close DosBot.

    Optional Config:
    I strongly recommend using a config file. To get it, scroll down to the bottom of this window and click on "developers web page". The file is called dosbox.conf and you just place in the root directory of your sd card. This file can be edited using notepad. Feel free to tinker with the settings.

    Building from source:
    While dosbot is not open source, the code it's based on is.
    Just type "adosbox" in google. However, their source is badly broken in some areas, and the prebuilt apk doesn't have r/w access meaning no windows. It's still free though and fun to mess with if you like NDK and SDL stuff.

    Known issues (I'm working on fixing these):
    -The sound has more bugs than the rainforest.
    -Virtual keyboards are pretty much a no-go at the moment so if you don't have a QWERTY don't bother with this app.
    -The mouse can be a bit psychotic without proper configs.

    Games tested:
    Doom (of course)
    Fallout 1
    Elder Scrolls 1 and 2
    Duke Nukem 1
    A buttload of alicesoft rpg's (don't judge me)

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