To extend your storage space or to back up your precious photo/video files from your Android device or to watch media files on your Android device from remote optical disk station, you can download this free app into your device and start a new experience of media data storage, backup, or streaming.
With this app installed, your Android device can work with Plextor's innovative PlexEasy, a smart wireless optical disc backup station, to select specific photo or video files, send them to remote optical disc station, and back them up wirelessly. You also can browse different types of media files from remote optical disc station, select specific files, and watch them remotely on your Android device.
This app promotes your Android device to become a smart device which can remotely store data into or retrieve them from PlexEasy optical disc station.

- Wirelessly back up selected photo or video files from Android device to optical disc
- Wirelessly stream photo or video files to Android device
- Wirelessly listen to your audio CD on your Android device

Supporting OS
Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 3.0, Android 3.1, Android 4.0

About PlexEasy
PlexEasy is a smart backup station which allows users to burn their data from mobile devices to optical disc via wire or wireless connection.
For more information about PlexEasy, please go to below link

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