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This is special software for PocketGeiger Type3, to turn your Android device to be a radiation detector, by connecting PocketGeiger with microphone input of Android device.
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Sensor: PIN photo diode VBPW34 x 8pcs (reverse biased and shielded)
Detectable radiation: Gamma particles
Measurement range: 0.05uSv/h~10mSv/h (Calibrated using Cs-137), 0.01cpm~300000cpm
Measuring time: about 15 minutes at the dose rate of 0.05uSv/h
Energy response: :662keV~1333keV

Software features
- uSv/h and its counting error calculation
- CPM calculation
- Manual setting interface for threshold
- Oscilloscope

*We do not correct any personally identifiable information , such as device ID.

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