Pocket Pole Star



Pocket Pole Star is the real time data capture application.

Use to capture data in the field, on site, in the street or in the office. Collect, edit or delete information using the app. The application can be used to complete examinations, collect asset information, record asset data or to review information. All information is synced with the server to allow one version of information. Multiple users can add data to the same asset.

The app allows you to record the location of your data with various types of references including: points, lines, polylines and polygons. The GIS data will be automatically geo referenced. Co-ordinates include longitude / latitude and easting / northings.

Pole Star is aimed at varies businesses with small to large asset counts. Business disciplines include:
Estate Management
* Theme Parks
* Safari Parks
* Private Estates / Farming / Forestry
* Mining / Oil / Gas

Facility Management
* Hospitals
* Factories
* Leisure
* Retirement Homes

Infrastructure Management
* Railway
* Highways
* Airports
* Utilities

* Bridges
* Earthworks
* Machinery
* Attractions

Site Data Capture
* Site notes
* Incident reports
* Snagging
* Health and Safety forms

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