Is a vibrating alarm timer. You can make your own vibration pattern.
If you put in your pocket when you want to take a little nap for 10 minutes, then set the time, Will be informed by vibration without inconvenience to the people around you. Does not sound.
You can tell by vibration from the background even when other apps are running and during the game.
Unnecessary because it does not use the authority of the terminal to disable or sleep, disable the key lock, such as display ads, which helps to conserve the battery.
Running timers are displayed in the notification area of the alarm the next time.
The timer can be specified up to 99 minutes 1 second.
For when I did not notice, you can also can set multiple timers, you specify a different vibration pattern.
If you set up multiple timers will continue to run in order from top to bottom.
Automatically stops the vibration in the vibration pattern that you set the time comes.
The set time is saved to the mobile body, you can immediately start the timer at the same time.
When the timer seemed to stop in the middle, please excluded from the task killer app.
You can start immediately the timer that is set on the one-touch feature from the home screen widget.
The size of the widget is a 1 × 1.

[Button Description]
RESET:Timer back to its initial state.
ADD :You can add a single timer.
AC :Delete all timers.
VIB :Allows you to create vibration pattern.
START:Start the timer.
STOP :Stop in the middle of the timer.

[Create a vibration pattern]
Specify the time that the vibration and alternately, the period until the next vibration, create a vibration pattern.
You can specify a maximum time of 0.01 second to 99.
You can easily set the time at the input numeric buttons.

[Widget Button Description]
ICON:Start the pocket alarm app. You can set the time.
START:Start the timer. When the timer is running will stop.

※ Access permissions
・Hardware controls:Contains in order to use the vibration.

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