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PocketSensor uses your phone's built-in proximity sensor to automatically lock the phone when it is put in a pocket. With PocketSensor, you can forget about the power button - and about the lockscreen, too ! (optional)

With PocketSensor, once you put the phone in your pocket, the screen and the keys will lock automatically. And once you take it out of the pocket, the screen and the keys are unlocked automatically - with no finger swipe etc. needed...

★★★ In order to prevent accidental triggering of the sensor, PocketSensor lets you choose to have the sensor activate/deactivate depending on how you are holding the phone. That way, you can configure the automatic keylock to trigger only in real pocket situations! ★★★

Example: If you want the sensor to trigger only when the device is being held straight upright (for front pockets) or pointing downwards (for pants pockets), select the "Disable in Landscape" options including all of its three suboptions.


• In order to prevent accidental triggering when you're holding the phone with both hands, the automatic keylock deactivates when the display is in landscape mode. (This feature can be freely configured)

• When the phone is not in a pocket, any key will unlock the phone completely - bypassing the lockscreen. (You can also choose to keep the lockscreen. See below for details)

• When in a pocket, all keys - including the power key - will be locked. (Perfect for those phones where the power key gets pressed accidentally when in a pocket...) (NOTE: On the Galaxy S5, all keys except the Home button will be locked.)

• With PocketSensor active, you can still lock/unlock the phone manually. When it has been locked manually, the phone will not unlock when taken out of a pocket. (Not on HTC phones)

• Homescreen widget for easy activation/deactivation of the Automatic Keylock mode. (To add it to your homescreen, long press on a free spot on the homescreen - then select the PocketSensor widget from the "Widgets" menu.)

• Autostart on bootup (if Automatic Keylock was last enabled) (Note: if you have PIN entry disabled, the lockscreen will appear once after switching on the device, then never again...)

You can select to have the lockscreen enabled for manual use. This means that the lockscreen will appear each time you have locked the device using the power button, but will not come on if the phone has been put in a pocket unlocked. That way, the lockscreen will always come on when the phone has been locked by you (or has been lying around unattended), but never if you take it out of the pocket after you have put it there yourself.

TRIAL VERSION: The Automatic Keylock will stay active only for a limited time after checking "Enable Automatic Keylock" in the PocketSensor screen. You can always reactivate the Automatic Keylock by checking "Enable Automatic Keylock" there again.

NOTE: PocketSensor makes use of the device's built-in proximity sensor whose sensitivity cannot be configured. The sensor reacts best to uniform surfaces.

NOTE: On HTC phones, the alarm will not go off when the phone has been locked via the sensor. However, it will work normally when the phone has been locked manually.

NOTE: PocketSensor is not compatible with YouMail.


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