POI & Autovelox Manager



This plugin developed for the Droid Driver enables the complete management of points of interest (POI / POI), for which you can personalize
type of membership (Autovelox, Misc, Food, Tourism, etc), description, and the maximum distance in meters that will have the POI before the system actually signals

The plugin also allows mass uploading of data by importing CSV files can be downloaded directly from specialized sites like poigps.com
or created manually with programs like Excel or standard text editor.

A voice message will warn the driver of an approaching POI also see a map of the area and their distance (in meters) than
the current position of the vehicle.

How to use:

• Press the "Speech"on the main module Driver Droid

• Wait for the previous AUTHORIZATION audible voice command

• Say the command "velox"

• Wait a few seconds to display the main form of plugin

Minimum requirements:

• Driver 1.3 droid

Downloadable book: http://www.rbsoft.it/driverdroid/help/poi_eng.pdf

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