Pokemon Damage Calculator



Enter stat characteristics about your pokemon's move, your pokemon, and your opponenent's pokemon into the app, which then calculates the damage the move is expected to do.

- Have you ever wondered if a high powered special attack against an enemy with high special defense would be more effective than a lower powered physical attack? Or if a move will get more of a boost by being the same type as your pokemon verses a stronger move that isn't the same type? Well, then get to it, partner!

*Great for hypothetical scenarios!

*Great for comparing the efficiency of attacks!

*Great for deciding which attacks to teach your pokemon!

Woop woop!

Oh, and by the way, if you love it so much, just log into your paypal account and send absolutely any amount of money to Lkroya@gmail.com

Thank you, everyone~

*** I should say that I removed the randomness of the equation in order to make more accurate comparisons. (Thank you, Soul, for pointing this out)***

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