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Poker Timer allows users to easily manage timer and blinds structure

  • Set starting blinds level
  • Set blinds level time
  • Play, pause and forward levels at your whim
  • Pre-set blinds structure
  • Sound notification when time's up
  • Design

"No more messy Poker parties with friends"

If you ever played poker with friends you know how chaotic it can be: the "timer" guy forgets to reset or pauses it when the game stops for a while,

blinds structure is a mess and, after all, it's difficult to make serious parties with that conditions. Fortunately, "there's an app for that": Poker Timer by borisgames.

Poker Time gives the blinds structure, including ante, and the users decide the time it takes blinds to level up and the starting blinds level. As simple as useful. What's more, you can forward to the next level of blinds anytime and play/pause it with the handy playing bar at the bottom. When time's up a sound notification will alert you that's time to increase blinds.

This version comes with more features such as: prize structure, amount of players, chips distribution and buy/in, rebuy and add-on. This increases the uselfulness of the app for just one dollar. Especially recommended for amateurs players who use to have problems with that concepts. It's totally worth its price.

Design won't amaze you, it's true but... who cares? That's not the point in this kind of app. After all it does what it promises and it's really easy to set up it all. In a nutshell: thanks to Poker Timer, from now on you'll be able to play amateur parties with friends as you were Pros. Recommended.

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Jul 18, 2013

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