Popup Phone (Popup Call)



Popup Phone (Popup Call)
Multi Window Phone
PopUp Dial

Have you ever had discomfort during the game because of incoming calls?
Have you ever had discomfort while driving with Navigation because of incoming calls?
Have you ever had discomfort while viewing videos,While web surfing or Other work in progress
because of incoming calls?
Do you want to call on the current working screen?

Pop-up window will run on the current working screen at the same time.
While the game continues, while seeing the navigation, while viewing videos
,and so on. You can answer the phone or allow phone calls.

This app will help you.
1. You can easily call through popup window.
You can easily Answer the phone call through popup window.
2. Size can be changed freely.
3. Position can be changed freely.
4. Speakerphone operation can be set.
5. You can only run on a specific app.
6. The recent calls list, and the phone number in the address book can easily be imported.
7. When you make or receive calls immediately respond without delay.
8. Provides an image theme. (Ver1.040 currently six, will provide more later.)
9. You can send a busy message.(For example,I am driving I'll call you later.)
10. Automatically answer a call is possible.
(After a few seconds ringing, the phone automatically answer a call)
11. It can be changed mute ring without hanging up.

Although much has been tested, there may be a bug.
Tell us by e-mail, We will resolve as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

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