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This is AD removed version of "Power Failure Monitor Free"

Detect AC “Power Failure” (or call "Power Outage") and “Power Back” events, and send SMS / Email alarms to you. It is very useful to monitor your important electric devices have power to run, for example:
* Sever room
* Fish tank
* Painting production line
* Freezing equipment
* Hospital

Power Failure Monitor also have ability to delay the alarms for the “short” power failure, to avoid send wrong alarms when someone cut the Android device power in mistake (can be set in the application, default delay is 3 seconds).

Supported alarms:
* Auto send Email alarms to multiple recipients (Required to use Gmail account to send). Optionally take a picture as attachment, to let you see more clearly about the environment in the server room;
* Auto send SMS alarms;
* Popup message in the system notification bar
* Play system default sound (Same as SMS)

Important: Although Power Failure Monitor can run in background, and have menu in the system notification bar to back to its main screen, we suggested running in foreground only, to prevent be closed by Android system.

To be able to send Email even your environment is power failure, we suggest that use GPRS / 3G to send alarm Emails, instead of use Wifi since the Wifi router will be unable to work when the power is failure.

This tool can also auto send current status by minutes, or specified times on specified days, then you know the monitor is still running or something wrong.

Hint: This application will use the system default prompt sound as alarm sound, to change this sound please go system settings to change.

If you have problems to send email alarm, we recommend to check following things:
1. Make sure you had enabled Power Failure Monitor Internet access permission if you are running on an Android 5.0+ device, or had turned OFF firewall;
2. Both "Send From" and "Login Username" option need to fill your email address, for example abc@gmail.com
3. If you are using Gmail, please make sure you had enabled your gmail account "Low security device" login option, details can be found here:
4. If you are sending email through VPN, please make sure your VPN ISP does not block SMTP ports (like 25, 465, 587...)

If you have any problems when using this app, please contact us by sending email to:

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