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Power Manager smartly manages the WiFi, Cellular Data*, Bluetooth, and Sync on your Android device. When the device's screen is off and the device is idle, Power Manager will automatically turn off the interfaces that you ask it to manage. The application can be configured to start up when your device starts, and can even be configured to periodically turn your device on to check for things like messages and emails.

Power Manager is developed in the Open on GitHub at: https://github.com/pyamsoft/power-manager. If you know a few things about Android programming and are wanting to help out with development you can do so by creating issue tickets to squash bugs, and propose feature requests for future inclusion.

Power Manager uses the requested permissions in order to control and manage the various interfaces on your phone or tablet. Rest assured that there is absolutely NO third party storage or usage of user data. Power Manager does not collect nor will it ever ask for any of your personal information. The cache used by Power Manager is used to store user preferences, and nothing more.

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