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    Power Outage Alarm notifies you by SMS text message when your electrical equipment suffers a power outage. If you have important equipment running and want to know if there has been a power cut while you're not around, this app can help. From Freezers to Fish Tanks and all things electrical, Power Outage Alarm can provide you with additional peace of mind.

    Typical uses include:
    * waking you in the event of a power cut;
    * fridge monitoring & freezer monitoring;
    * fish tank monitoring & aquarium monitoring;
    * generator monitoring;
    * sump pump monitoring;
    * computer equipment monitoring;
    * heating system monitoring;
    * chemical storage monitoring;
    * and many other applications.

    Power Outage Alarm works happily in the background on your Android device and will keep monitoring even when your device is asleep and the screen is off.

    Plug your chosen Android device into a socket on the same circuit as the electrical equipment you want to monitor. For example if you want to know if there is power loss to your fish tank then plug your Android device into a socket on the same circuit as the tank itself. This does mean that Power Outage Alarm requires a dedicated Android device to monitor your equipment. We use an old, cheap Android phone to monitor our refrigeration units at our family's restaurant and leave it running whilst nobody is there. Temporary use of SMS capable Android tablets could be a good alternative to having a dedicated phone.

    Note that this app requires the capability to send SMS text messages using the standard mobile telephone network. It is not compatible with third party applications that send text messages over the internet.

    Upgrade to the "Pro" version and get the following additional features:
    * Power Outage Notification: Be notified by SMS text message when the power goes off.
    * Reconnection Notification: Be notified by SMS text message when the power comes back on. This may prevent you from having to rush back to take action when it isn't necessary.
    * Audible alarm option for power outage notification.
    * Ignore Short Duration Outages: Choose to only be notified if the power goes off for more than a certain period of time that you've specified.
    * Reminder Notifications: Be reminded to check the phone's credit with your mobile phone provider.
    * Power Outage Log: View a log of power interruptions. Use the log to monitor the performance of your Utility Provider.
    * No Advertising!

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