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Lets you customize your power widgets, including the size, color, and toggle buttons.

  • Choose color
  • Choose toggle buttons
  • Choose size
  • Preview images incorrect size
  • Push notifications

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"Customizable Power Widget"


This app lets you customize you power widgets. You can set the color of the indicators using RGB sliders, you can set the size, from one to five, and you can choose what each toggle button is. The preview images in the widgets menu shows a widget two larger than what it really is for some reason.


The app lets you fully customize your power widgets. You can have from 1-5 toggle buttons, and you can set which toggle buttons you want and where you want them. You can choose the color of the indicator using RGB sliders, letting you choose practically any color you want.


The preview images of the power widgets in the widgets menu are 2 toggle buttons larger than the widgets themselves, which is somewhat confusing. The app also has push notifications asking you to buy the full app, something that interrupts other phone use.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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