Presto Utilities RC4



It requires ROOT access.

Send your comments, suggestions, wishes or requests to developer. (Open Source, please contribute!)

No warranties: This is an ALPHA version. It is provided as is! Use at your own risk!

Be careful: Backup all your phone data and SDCard contents before using this software.

DESCRIPTION: This tool is a sinlge application that includes Presto Backup, Presto Restore and Boot Logo Replacer, all-in-one.

This is just a simple tool for backing up your .apk files from /data/app and /data/app-private applications to your SDCard.

This is just a simple tool for restoring your .apk files from your custom applications dir on your SDCard.

This is just a simple tool for uninstalling your applications from your device.

FREE boot logo zip packages can be found at developer's site.

This is just a simple tool for changing your boot logo screen.

It does not include boot logo packages. package must be placed at SDCARD/bootanims/myAnimation/

preview.png screenshot must be size 80x80 and placed at SDCARD/bootanims/myAnimation/preview.png

Bootsound is not tested yet:

Bootsound.mp3 must be placed at


This message is to people that are complaining and also that are not being polite while doing their support requests:

This project is just for my fun and I decided to share it on Android Market.

It is tested just on my Motorola Droid/Milestone with Froyo (2.2.2).

Support requests would be accepted or not since it is free and provided as is.

I am sharing my work, FREE, to the community and I have no obligation to change or improve it, since I am not making money in any way (no advertisements at all!). This project is improved only when I have free time to work on it.

I will do my best to answer questions as soon as possible and try to help users if they are having problems, because I like to be kind.

I will try to attend feature requests or bug fix if I have knowledge and time to develop it.

If you get no answer, it is due to I am the only person responsible for this free project and maybe I be busy enough with my life, being unavailable to attend your request in the right time.

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