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Prey is an anti-theft app that lets you track and locate your stolen phone

  • Get your phone's current location
  • Report send to your browser dashboard
  • Take photos, run alarm and send pop-up messages to your phone remotely
  • Notifications
  • Can't removed all your data or factory reset your phone remotely
  • Can't set Reports frequency under 10 minutes
  • It would be nice a Prey dashboard app to be installed in your friend's phone

"Oh Lord, We Prey"

Losing or get your phone robbed? Worst thing ever!

Our smartphones and tablets are already our most used and most loved gadget. Both Work and leisure data are stored there: photos, videos, projects, files... You name it. Missing them is a nightmare, isn't it? Do something then! Better safe than sorry.

Prey helps you with that. Once installed and set up, Prey helps you locate your lost or stolen phone, activate an alarm, take photos from your front camera, send messages to whoever has it and lock the phone with a password remotely.

Obviously, you can activate those built-in sensors you need to perform all that actions remotely. Simply send a - previously set up - SMS with a code to activate them all. In addition, you can set in real time from a browser any of those features (alarm, camera, GPS...) and make it run in real time.

Prey will send you automatically reports with location, phone status and photo to your browser dashboard. In addition, You can set the app to send a notification to a friend's phone in case your SIM is removed.

In brief, a comprehensive anti-theft app that can save you from losing all your data. Thieves' nightmare.

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