The ProfileRules application allows you to create and manage profiles.
A profile is a set of system configurations that control how a phone behaves. Examples of configuration can be the mp3 file used as the ringtone, WiFi set to on/off, vibrate mode set to on/off, etc.
The current version of the ProfileRules allows the configuration of the following items:
- The ringtone MP3 file
- The ringtone volume
- Vibrate
- WiFi
- Wallpaper
- Bluetooth
In the ProfileRules application, Profiles can have locations associated with it.
Profiles can be manually set, or can be automatically set by the application, when the phone is in a location associated with a profile.

The ProfileRules application contains a widget for quickly switching the Automatic mode on and off, and manually selecting a profile to be applied, besides accessing the application with one simple touch.

The application is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. For more information, check the help inside the application.

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