Programmer's calculator CALC-P



Calculators CALC-P is a programmer for Android.

Base eliminating the hassle of switching modes

Input is done in the key corresponding to each number (Green:Hexadecimal / blue:decimal / pink:binary)

It also simultaneously displays in decimal 16/10/2 done quickly the most frequently used base conversions.

■ Features
+,-,×,÷, AND, OR, ExOR(XOR)
left shift(<<),right shift(>>),NOT,NEG
Change display unsigned (US) / signed (S) decimal Number only.
show last answer (Ans)
Memory (Memory in(Min) / Recall(MR) / Clear(MC))

screen size is 320x480 or more are required for a screen.

The tested HTC bufferfly(JPN HTL21) / android Ver 4.1.1

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