Protect Me If You Can



Overview Of Functionality
Monitor And Track Phone Contacts
Monitor And Track Text Messages
Monitor And Track Phone Calls
Monitor And Track Calendar Activity
Monitor And Track Web Sites Visited
Monitor And Track Photos
Monitor And Track Video Files
Monitor And Track Sound Files
Record Surroundings
Schedule record surroundings
Take remote screenshots
Take remote screen capture videos
Schedule screen captures
Record Phone Calls
Record Acoustic / Environmental Surroundings
Monitor And Track Locations / Heatmaps
Remotely Manage Devices
Factory Reset
Locate By Sound
Remote Lock / Change Password
Alert On Fences, Barriers, Destinations And Phone Activity

Where is my phone?!?!?!

We’ve all had those freak-out moments. It’s not just the device you’re worried about, but all of your data on it. Phone numbers, photos, emails, songs, videos, calendar events, text messages…everything (how did we ever survive without them?).

With ProtectMe, if you lose your phone…the only thing you’ll lose is the device. ALL of the data is backed up on our secure cloud server, and can be accessed by you at any time. The app is completely customizable. Backup what you want, when you want it backed up and how (cell or WiFi).

Whether you need to restore your phone, or simply use our online manager to quickly search through your phone’s data faster, it’s as easy as logging on to our secure site.

Plus, if your phone does get lost or stolen, ProtectMe can help you locate it (using your phone’s GPS or by making it ‘ring’ until you find it under that sofa cushion).

If your phone is stolen, you can remotely ‘wipe’ all of your files off of the phone, restoring it to factory settings, safeguarding your data.

You can also use your phone to record your surroundings in stealth mode at any time, without anything appearing on the phone. It’ll be our secret :)

We’re constantly adding new features, and finding new functionality. ProtectMe is a great app…and just keeps getting better!

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