Proximity Alert




    Location based alarm system for your device.

    Here's what you can do with this app:
    - Remind yourself to wake up when you get near your destination while taking public transportation
    - Call a phone-based remote garage opener as you drive up to your house.
    - Warn yourself about known traffic cameras and likely speed traps.
    - Download today's agenda as you approach work.
    - Warn yourself when you have wandered within a kilometer of your crazy ex-spouse's house.
    - Send text messages to your friends when you arrive.

    Usage Hints:
    - GPS location reduces your battery life. When the phone is asleep, it will check for location every 4 minutes to conserve battery.
    - Long press on the map to place or move an alarm.
    - Use the Geocode Address button to try to find GPS coordinates for your alarm.

    What each permission is for:
    Internet - Map data
    Fine Location - Triggering alarms.
    Vibrate - Vibrates the phone.
    Boot - Loads alerts on boot.
    Phone State - Lowers the alarm volume if you are in the middle of a phone call.
    Disable Keyguard & Wake Lock - For making the alarm show up when triggered but the phone is asleep/locked.
    Call Phone - Call a phone number.
    Write External Storage - Downloaded files will be written to your download directory on your external storage.
    Send/Read/Write SMS - Send text messages when an alarm is triggered and record sent messages in your inbox

    If you have a feature you want to see in this app, send me an email. Feature requests I've added so far:
    - Call a phone number
    - Hide alarm and loop sound options
    - Download files
    - Send text messages

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