Purdue App - with map




    There's a Purdue App for the iPhone, so why not one for Android?

    - Week at a Glance schedule
    - Purdue Email
    - Live Purdue bus times
    - Campus Map
    - Dinner Menus
    - Bus routes
    - Bus stop lists
    - ITaP lab status

    This app has been my little project for the past year. It's basically a collection of time-saving tools that I've made. Be sure to check back for updates because if I do update the app, it's probably because I'm fixing some scary glitch that you don't want to ever encounter.

    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: This is for GPS on the map.
    INTERNET: Pretty much every feature of this app uses the internet.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This is for storing your email attachments.
    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: This allows the app to keep updating emails after you reboot your phone.
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: This is so the app doesn't try to update emails when you don't have internet.
    WAKE_LOCK: This keeps the phone awake while emails are updated and the screen is off.
    READ_CONTACTS: This allows you to email people in your phone contacts.
    READ_LOGS: When you press the "Email me your problems" button, the app attaches an error log which helps tremendously with debugging your problem.
    BILLING: This is how the disable ads system works.
    INSTALL_SHORTCUT: This is for the quick links homescreen shortcuts
    DISABLE_KEYGUARD: This allows the bus-watcher to wake the phone up to notify you about a bus.
    VIBRATE: This allows the bus-watcher to vibrate your phone.

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