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QPython Player is a Python launcher on android, it can run Python applications on your android devices like mobile or tablet, It also contains the Package Index where you can find many funny and usable Python applications easily.
In addition, QPython Player may be used to extend some native applications which can make them more powerful.

[[ Mainly Features ]]
* Run Python applications including script and projects on Android device
* Execute Python Code & File From QRCode
* Get more funny packages from QPython Package Index
* Support many Python libraries on Android, including SL4A, Twisted, Kivy programming
* Support SL4A Programming, can access android's feature, like network, bluetooth, location
* Support lots of Python libraries and utils
* Support FTP server, which can let you transfer the Python project from your PC to mobile easily

* QPython is in BETA, if you have any problem, please contact us to help us solve the problem.
* It require the BLUETOOTH / LOCATION and OTHER permissions, so that you can program using these FEATURES.

[ Difference between QPython and QPython Player (was QPython lite) ]
The QPython Player does not have the develop kit feature but the QPython does.

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