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QR Barcode Scanner lets you scan in and create easy-to-share QR codes

  • Free to try out
  • Accurate scans
  • Have to hold device still
  • Ads

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"Scan in and create QR and barodes"


QR Barcode Scanner transforms your tablet or smartphone into a portable barcode scanner all the while saving what you scan in for later viewing or printing. Once you’ve scanned in a barcode, this app will take you to the appropriate webpage or calendar information. You can also create your own QR codes that you can then share with friends through messaging apps or your favorite social network. Custom QR codes can include info like simple text, an important phone number or e-mail address, and more for friends or loved ones to discover.


QR Barcode Scanner is free to try out. It also functions quite well and is easy as just opening up your camera and snapping a shot. It’s also fairly accurate in its scans. There are also social sharing features.


You’ll definitely have to hold your device still to scan correctly. This app does feature ads with no way to upgrade to remove them.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 18, 2015

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