QR-Code Scanner Elite



With the all new QR-Code Scanner Elite, you can scan any two-dimensional code with your Android device. This is the only QR Scanner on the market for Android devices that allows you to connect with and share QR Codes with your friends on Facebook. This enhanced Facebook setting is completely efficient and unique in comparison to other QR Scanners that offer Android users very little, when it comes to social networking sites, such as Facebook.

Additionally, after installing the all new QR-Code Scanner Elite for Android devices, You will be provided with the following efficient features:
◦The module immediately opens up the phone's camera and takes you to a screen that allows for the scanning of barcodes.
◦The scanner will automatically detect which type of code it is scanning and, upon completion of the scan, it will display the content so you can view the scanned URL/text/product code before the module launches the phone's browser.
◦The module offers sharing feature that allows users to share scanned content via SMS or email.
◦You may view the scanned content in a web browser: it will search for scanned text on the web or open a website for scanned URL.