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Quadratic Calculator accurately solves ANY standard form quadratic equation. It gives decimal and simplified fractional answers. It even SHOWS WORK step-by-step. Since the app uses this process, I can almost guarantee it has 100% accuracy. It has been tested on dozens of simple, complex, and varied equations, all of them being solved flawlessly.

The app uses the 3 coefficients of ANY standard form quadratic equation and solves the equation step-by-step. It simplifies, takes out i's, gives simple AND complex root answers, gives fractional answers and decimal answers, and just about any other kind of answer that you could use.

This app is perfect for any student that is taking an algebra course, because it will make most equations easier. This app calculates the answer in less than a second, and even shows you how it got to it.

This is simply the best quadratic equation solver for not only Android devices, but even the expensive ($2+) iDevice quadratic solvers can't compete with all the features in this app.

- Solves ALL standard form quadratic equations. Simple or Complex roots.
- Gives ACCURATE, and Practical answers, not just 2 large decimals.
- SHOWS WORK. It shows you how it solved the equation step-by-step.
- In-app instructions.
- Works all offline.

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