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IMPORTANT : Because of changes to certain Android permissions in Android 4.2, the application must now be placed in the system/app folder in order to work correctly. In order to do so, the device must be rooted !

Sorry, but right now, there is no other way :(


Quick Locale Switcher allows you to switch between locales painlessly. If you're a developer or if you are often switching between locales, Quick Locale Switcher will definitely save you some time.

Quick Locale Switcher can run in the background and allows you to switch between your favorite locales with a single press of your finger, by using the notification bar.

If a specific locale isn't in the locale list, you can add it using the custom locale button at the bottom of the locale tab. Try setting your phone's locale in Japanese !

Features :

- Set locale to one of the phone's installed locales.
- Add custom locales.
- Define up to 6 favorite locales.
- Switch between locales using the notification bar.

Coming soon :

- App widget

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