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A small app for quick access to important functions of your phone.

The app allows to create an overlay icon, which stays above other applications and launches the Quick Menu on tap (you can remove the icon by long tap).

Items of the Quick Menu is customizable: there are 14 types of action available:
1) Call to specific number
2) SMS with text to specific number
3) Call to number of last missed call
4) Call to last number in call log
5) SMS with text to number of last missed call
6) SMS with text to last number in call log
7) Launch an application
8) Open Internet URL
9, 10, 11) WiFi functions: turn on, turn off, toggle.
12, 13, 14) Hotspot (WiFi tethering) functions: turn on, turn off, toggle.

About Hotspot - please note: not every Android device supports Hotspot, and some network operators require provisioning to use it. This application is not intended to hack the provisioning check somehow.

Apperiance of the icon is fully customizable.

The app does NOT send SMS and calls directly, and does not have permissions for that. So do not worry about your money.

Also, it does not contain any advertisement. Enjoy. =)

And please, feel free to inform me about any errors, suggestions etc. (maralabsru@gmail.com)

Avaiable languages: English, Russian

Tags: быстрое меню на андроид , добавить приложения в быстрое меню

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