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The Google Search Widget is great, but sometimes you want more options and flexibility, like...

* A range of Search Engines to choose from, such as Wikipedia, Google Images, Amazon, etc.
* A widget for your Home Screen - similar to the Google search bar widget, but customizable to various different search engines.
* Open the search results directly in your web browser.
* Auto-text corrections enabled for the on-screen keyboard, for faster typing.
* Change language or country easily, without changing the settings on your phone.
* A large search field, with 2 lines, to show more text.
* Virtually no app permissions and full HTTPS support, for better privacy.
* More detailed search suggestions, direct from the relevant websites.
* Convenient shortcuts to launch other apps, like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Play Store.
* It's a useful companion to launch your web browser: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

Quick Search is a fast and lightweight App for searching the web easily. It gives you quick shortcuts to various websites and apps, and it includes a Widget for your Home Screen.

This is the same app as the free version, but without advertisements.

• Switch between different Search Engines with one click.

• Instant search suggestions. Tap them repeatedly to refine your search.

• Voice Search.

Available search engines:
• Google
• Yahoo
• Bing
• Wikipedia
• Google Images
• DuckDuckGo
• Weather Forecast
• Twitter
• Google Maps
• Google Play Store
• Google News (all languages/countries)
• YouTube
• Amazon (many countries supported)
• eBay (many countries supported)
• MercadoLibre/MercadoLivre (many countries supported)
• For Korean users: Naver (네이버), Nate (네이트) and Daum (다음)
• For Russian users: Yandex (Яндекс)

• Many different languages and countries are supported. You can easily change the language/country settings within the app, and the Search Engines will adapt.

• It's faster than doing a search in the Web Browser.

• Weather Forecast: Postal-code/zip code searches work for cities in USA, France, UK, Germany and Italy.

• No intrusive permissions or background services are used, and it's fast to startup. Quick Search requires 2 permissions: Internet Access: To retrieve search suggestions from the selected website. Network State: To detect Wi-Fi and provide the best performance.

The app is localized to 14 different languages. But the Search Engines work in virtually all global languages.

Note: Install to SD Card is not allowed on this app, because it stops the Widgets working properly.

Email your comments and suggestions to Ozmium.

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