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Ever wanted to play a game with your group of friends but cannot decide how to pick the teams? Quick Team Picker strives to take away the hassle of team picking by doing it for you!

Now I know what you're thinking, "I have lots of friends and it's too much work to add all their names into the system". With Quick Team Picker, you have the option to use numbers to reference each player (see screen shots) rather than explicitly specifying who's playing.

When you install this app, you will spend less time picking teams and more time playing games!


1) Quick Start

Quickly divide players into teams when name and/or skill levels are unknown or if you do not want to add all the names into the player list.

Do this by simply numbering your friends and use those numbers as references when your teams get divided

2) Full Start

Divide explicitly named players from your player list into teams either randomly or by quick balance. Total skill score of each team will also be displayed (option to hide).

3) Manage Players

Easy to use system to add players into your player list with customized names and skill level (0-100). Place each player into groups to make them easier to find. Editing and removing players can be done afterward.

4) Save and load team match ups

Keep a record of your team match ups and load them later to continue your fun.

5) Text your friends the teams

Easy-to-use texting system to inform your friends the team results at the earliest convience!

6) Time your matches

Use the countdown timer to time each match up

7) Arrange teams

Edit the result of the randomized team picker to have more control of the outcome of teams.

8) Scoreboard

Keep track of scores when your competitive side kicks in.

Please add "Quick Team Picker: " at the beginning of the subject line when emailing me. Please also report bugs through emails so that we may converse in more details.

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