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    Quick uninstaller helps you to uninstall your apps easily. Unlike the built in uninstaller, Quick uninstaller allows you to uninstall multiple apps together. Remove all the unwanted apps with one tap and make your phone fast.

    Without going through the menus, quick uninstaller makes the uninstalling process easy and fast. Quick uninstaller can show a quick access shortcut in your notification bar. If you have enabled that feature, you can uninstall apps by just tapping the notification bar.

    This app has a great looking and user friendly user interface. It shows all the installed apps as a list. You can sort them by name, date or size; then uninstall as a batch.


    - Uninstall multiple apps by one click (batch uninstall).
    - Can enable a shortcut in notification bar to access quickly.
    - Cleans all unwanted apps and makes the device fast.
    - Nice and clean user interface designed with ICS theme.
    - Remove all the unwanted cache files and free memory.
    - Removed both internal memory and SD apps.
    - Sort by name, date or size.

    Clean your phone and make it fast!

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