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Qwerty6 Keyboard (Q6KB) is the familiar qwerty keyboard with a twist. It puts all the letters in the familiar qwerty order, but it has just 15 big letter keys. Each key tells you how to type its letters:

> To type the large letter, touch the key.
> To type the upper letter, swipe up.
> To type the lower letter, swipe down.

It's a little easier to touch than to swipe, so the designer took the letter frequency of the English alphabet into account when deciding which letters you type by touching & which you swipe. Look at the QEW key. We use E 5 times more often than W & 130 times more often than Q, so E became the touch letter. With the help of 10 digits & a few punctuation marks to stretch things out, 15 of the 16 most-used letters became touch letters. So you touch 88% of the time & swipe only 12%.

Some of the coding of this app is based on the SlideType keyboard by Alejandro Grijalba (in the Play Store). Q6KB uses the QwertyX Keyboard Design (copyright © 2011 by Ernest Ruckle).

Would you like to use the QwertyX Keyboard Design in your own keyboard app? It's free for free apps. Contact us.

There is no safer app than Q6KB. The warning you'll see when activating Q6KB is the same for all keyboard apps. Only word prediction keyboards collect your personal information.

U S E R - G U I D E

In settings, depending on Android version, go to Locale & text, Language & keyboard, or Language & input. Check Qwerty6 Keyboard. Long-touch in text-box, choose Input method, & check Qwerty6 Keyboard.

Put your phone with Q6KB showing next to your PC keyboard. Compare the 3 lines of letters. Notice the location of the numbers & these characters: !@&"-?$" ',.

To type a Q, put your thumb on the middle of the QEW key & immediately move it towards the top of the phone. Lift your thumb when you've moved it about the height of the key. Swipe down for the W. A short, quick swipe is best.

> Shift key - Touch to toggle shift mode. Swipe up to toggle numbers & symbols. SWIPE DOWN TO TOGGLE CAPS-LOCK.
> Space key - Touch for a space. Swipe up for a period/full stop. Swipe down for enter/return. Hold down for more punctuation marks.
> Delete key - The only key that repeats if you hold it down.

When you long-press most of the keys, a small pop-up keyboard will appear. The letter keys have accented letters for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, & more.
> R key - `~#%^
> D key - currency symbols €£¥¢
> F key - math symbols */=+
> H key - Spanish punctuation ¿¡«»
> M key - bracket symbols ( ) [ ] { }
> SPACE key - ;:<>|_\
The keys on the number/symbol keyboard have symbols related to the characters on the key. For example, the (7) key has other bracket characters. See qwertyxkeyboard.com/popup6.htm for a complete list. To exit a pop-up keyboard, touch the small x key or press your phone's BACK button.

Press your phone's BACK button.

To get to the Main Menu (Help, Settings, About), go to your Apps menu & touch the Q6KB icon.

See the screenshots for some tips & http://www.qwertyxkeyboard.com for more help.

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Recently changed in this version

--Numbers now in red.
--Key previews now red & black.
--Changed some pop-up characters. See USER GUIDE in Play Store.
--Made background light gray.
--Fixed email address.
--Lined up numbers & rearranged some letters.
--Changed color scheme.
--Added borders for better swiping.
--Tweaked colors for better contrast.

Comments and ratings for Qwerty6 Keyboard
  • (69 stars)

    by Marone j.Davis on 21/03/2014


  • (69 stars)

    by Luigi Martin on 24/02/2014

    Fantastic for smaller screens. At first I coun't find the equals key ie: = Similarly, the qwerty5 keyboard seemed to have a missing "!" exclamation mark... A quick response from the developer showed where they were hiding. Brilliant!

  • (69 stars)

    by Mind Attic on 16/01/2014

    This is great, raised my typing speed on 15.6 words per minute in one week. Very familiar and accurate! Just download and try it out for few days. ✓

  • (69 stars)

    by Armando Staana on 22/11/2013

    Nice app ever

  • (69 stars)

    by rex Stardy on 16/11/2013

    It's big. Easy to use. Suitable for small screen phone. Just need a short time to get used to. Overall, this is the best keyboard I've ever use:)

  • (69 stars)

    by Nat Img on 24/05/2013


  • (69 stars)

    by Robin Harris on 12/05/2013

    After figuring it out i can say this is the best keybored i every used and i can text faster wit less error