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Radio Alarm Clock AtomaRadio Beta
Simple Internet Radio Alarm Clock

in short:
* 100s radio stations with music, informations and more
* 2 wake times (radio, buzzer)
* Internet Radio with Favorites
* adjustable brightness
* adjustable modes for wireless connections on sleep and on wake (Nightmode and Wakemode)
* adjustable volume for alarms (incl. increasing volume)

Hints and Tipps:
* "Wah! BLUETOOTH enables itself" => if you don't want BT to be enabled on wake, you can disable this feature: touch the upper left icon, then touch Settings. There deselect the bluetooth symbol in Wakemode (second row).
* If don't want BT, WLAN or 2g/3g activated on wake, please touch the wireless symbol on the upper left and touch Settings.
There you can uncheck what you don't like activated on wake. (e.g. maybe BT, if you're not using an audio dock)

Draws lots of power and bandwidth while playing internet radio - consider that and consider streaming webradio only on WLAN and POWER SUPPLY! (maybe in a sound dock!)

Use any android phone as an alarm clock e.g. on a Philips Fidelio bluetooth docking speaker aka docking station aka sound dock. It even works without such a dock - you may also use only your phone as a night clock (dimmable).

- Radiowecker Radio Alarm Clock AtomaRadio -

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