Rahukalam / Rahu Kaal



Rahukalam in South India and Rahu Kaal in North India is period of a day which is considered inauspicious. This period said to be ruled by Rahu and hence considered bad for any important work or new initiative. According to some belief, work started in Rahu Kaal period doesn't give good results and indicates only failure. Usage of Rahu Kaal is more popular in Southern part of India.

Generally people use rough calculation for Rahu Kaal taking 6:00 AM as Sunrise, though the correct way is to calculate Rahu Kaal from Sunrise and hence it changes slightly each day. Rahu Kaal also changes for each city as the Sunrise differs from city to city. Our Rahu Kaal below is accurate Rahu Kaal calculated for your City.

This application supports huge city database and also GPS support to give you quick rahu kaal of your present location.

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