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Randomics is a random generator able to assist you in many different cases.
Use the power of randomness to make your life easier.

* Passwords: Create powerful passwords to increase the protection of your accounts and data. Personalize your passwords with names, letters, symbols and numbers.
* Names: Generate native names for different countries: USA, Brazil, Italy.
Also choose the length of the name, from several sizes: Tiny, small, normal, large and monstrous.
* Numbers: Raffle up more than 1000 numbers between 0 and 1 billion at once, or create your own interval raffle setting the smallest and largest number that can be drawn.
* Letters: Raffle up more than 100 letters at once, or create your own interval, choosing the first and last letter that can be drawn.
* Contacts: Raffle up names, emails and phone numbers of contacts into your device.
* Other options:
- Roll Dice: Roll up to 3 dices at the same time, simply by pressing a button or by shaking your android. Has several dice types:
d4 (4 sides), d6 (common dice 6 sides), d8 (8 sides), d10 (10 sides), d20 (20 sides) and even a given percentage of 10 sides.

- Spin Roulette: Games like truth or dare need a roulette wheel, and now you can have one with you at all times, with a simple tap you can spin the wheel. There are two roulette wheel available, one double-headed arrow and one simple arrow.

- Flip coin: With just one touch will spin the coin and to decide head or tail.

- Yes or No: To dispel your doubts just tap the stickman doll, he gestures respond with yes or no for you.

- Lottery: The Luck can is in your hand! Raffle up the numbers of the lottery games.
Available games: Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Mega Sena, and Quina! When you win don’t forget to tell others!

Besides all you can share as it sees best results of all raffles, and can save them on your memory card in text format.

Randomics, randomize your life.

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