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If you feel you like my app this is a way to give a little money to me. This same app is also free with no ads and full functionality.

This app will gives several options to Reboot your phone. This app will only work if you are rooted.

1. Reboot - Just a simple Reboot of your phone nothing else.
2. Reboot Recovery - This will boot you into your recovery. If you have a custom recovery this will take you directly to your custom recovery. If you had a stock recovery then you will see the stock Android recovery.
3. Reboot Bootloader - This will boot you into your device's bootloader. ie HBOOT on HTC phones.
4. Power Off - This will shut your phone off.

This should work on any device running 2.3.3. or higher. You must be rooted in order for this app to work.

If you have a Motorola phone and are using Bootstrap recovery this app will boot you into stock recovery. I have another app up that will allow you the option of booting into stock or ClockWork Recovery. Look for Reboot Moto in the Android Market

Any suggestions, problems, issues please email me.

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