Recycle for Ashford



Recycle For Ashford provides residents with helpful information about recycling and waste disposal in Ashford, Kent.


- Find the collection dates for your area of Ashford each month, and find out what items can be recycled.
- Search all recycle and disposal points throughout the borough and find out which are suitable for your waste.
- Set reminders for when your recycling is due for collection.
- Request a new Bin feature
- Remember Home Location for faster searching
- *NEW* Report It - report environmental issues directly to the council with GPS tagging
- *NEW* Product Scanner - read barcodes of household items for recycling information
- *NEW* Added new animations for Recyclable Items view
- *NEW* Map filtering for materials and distance to nearest point in your local area
- *NEW* Push notifications and popups from the council be directly notified of any issues in your local area
- *NEW* Local News stories direct to your devices, keep abreast of the latest information for your area
- *NEW* Live dates link to council for the latest collection dates and collection schemes in your local area
- *NEW* Set reminders from address view
- *NEW* QR code reader for waste information from Waste Containers

Recycle For Ashford is the official recycle app for Ashford Borough Council created and designed by My-Mo.

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