RedHot Redial Widget



One of the most useful widgets you will find.

Always see the last outgoing call on your home screen, click it once to call them again, or twice to send them a text message.

Simple, useful, will save you time each and every day.



► IMPORTANT NOTE: To install, make sure you know how to install a widget on your phone. Do NOT drag the round icon from the apps area onto your home screen. This will not do the trick. Make sure you use the WIDGET.

► To enter the Settings screen, click the "R" icon in the app drawer, or triple click the widget icon at any time

► You can customize click responses via the Settings screen

► With some launchers, you may need to adjust vertical alignment of the widget. This is easily available through the Settings screen.

Tags: Redial, Redialer, Call, Call back, Missed call, Speed dial, fast dial, fast

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