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If you like SIMPLE and FAST, you will LOVE RedHot Redial.

Pressing one button to simply redial has always been a STANDARD on desk phones, and it is still is. Because it is such a frequently needed function. We believed it MUST be available also on smartphones. So here it is.

Want an even better one? Then check out RedHot Redial ** WIDGET ** ( ). The WIDGET also SHOWS you WHO was that person you last called (name and pic), and on top of redialing with 1 click, lets you also TEXT that person with a simple DOUBLE CLICK! Yes, call with 1 click, text with 2, right from your home screen! It does cost a couple of $, but so far people are saying it is well worth it :-) We hope you will feel the same.

Tags: Redial, Redialer, Call, Call back, Missed call

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