Redialer and Call log Widgets



- Handy redial button on call screen for quick redial

- Long press this redial button to move it to any location on call screen.

- 2x2 space friendly home screen widget which displays
last incoming call
last outgoing call
last missed call

- 2x1 home screen widget for those who want to have just
the last missed call, last incoming call or last outgoing
call instead of all three. Three separate widgets of all
three can also be created to effectively organize the home

- Click on the call log widgets to directly call the number/contact displayed by it.

Services that cost you money - to facilitate redial.
Modify audio settings - to allow automatic speakerphone turn on.
Contacts - for call log widget to display the contact name.
Internet, network state - for ads.

- Continuous redial not implemented since its not straightforward to detect if an outgoing call was picked up or not.

If you have questions/requests or need help, please email us, we cannot contact/respond to users that leave comments.

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