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    ReflexTester is designed to test several aspects of human physiological reaction ability, providing an exportable historical report at the end of each test as well the ability to compare to previous reports. The tests are as follows:

    1) Memory Test
    The memory test measures the user's short-term memory recall, using a set of objects in a configuration similar to the traditional "memory" game. A set of twenty-four objects (twelve pairs) are displayed face down in a grid. The test then records the time taken to successfully match the twelve object pairs, as well as the number of incorrect pairs selected.

    2) Recognition and Reflex test
    The recognition and reflex test measures the user's ability to recognize and touch colored shapes quickly, by displaying a colored shape at random locations on a busy background. As the shape is touched, it appears at a new random location. The app records, scores, and provides for export the number of colored shapes located and tapped during the time period.

    3) Straight-line test:
    The straight-line test measures the user's ability to accurately draw a vertical and horizontal straight line on the screen. The test will give the user a set of start points and request that the user draw three vertical lines and three horizontal lines. The app then records key features of the lines and uses that information to provide exportable graphable results.

    4) Tracking Test
    The tracking test measures the user's ability to accurately use a finger to track an object. The object will travel a set distance in a random pattern over a “noisy” background, and will record the number of times the user's finger (or stylus) is not tracking the object.