Refueling Calculator



Simple and Quick, no extra stuff to bother you if your not a tech-savy.
Calculate how much money you would have to waste to fill up the tank of your car.

As simple as writing how much money your willing to pay to fill up your tank and the price of your gas station or as simple as writing how many gallons you want and the price of your gas station!

Has a Gallon and Liter Gas Price Calculator to make your life easier if you live in a place where price is set up in Liters or a Place where the price is set up in Gallons!

Now with a MPG Calculator for those who want a more accurate MPG Rating

Why the permissions:

- So we can have adds on the app.

We know adds can be bothersome sometimes but we are in need of the revenues the adds give to us.

Thank You for using my app!

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