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Regtan Battery

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-Shutdown was happened although the battery still remains
-There is no change from 100%
-Battery is not enough for full day

Do you have above problems on your android phone?
If you use this app...

1.You can avoid the unexpected shutdown by the shutdown guide.(*)
2.You can calibrate the battery level.
3.You can save the battery and the life.(*)
4.You can use Eco-sleep widget.(Battery (*)
*Battery Voltage Free has trial

Try this app!!

*If you want to uninstall, delete the device admin permission of this app before uninstall.

==Bellows are the details of this app==>

**If you are annoying the unexpected shutdown**
1.Put Regtan Battery widget on your home. The shutdown guide is appeared on the widget and statusbar.
2.Make empty and full charge. this app records the min voltage(around 3300mV~3600mV) and max voltage(around 4200mV).

How to use
When the shutdown guide at the statusbar indicates 0%, shutdown risk is high!!

Caution:This app is just shutdown guide, not battery indicator.

**If you are annoying the accuracy of the battery level**
1.Put Regtan Battery widget on your home.
2.Make out of battery.
3.Charge for 3~5minutes by USB charger, and turn on the phone.

How to use
1."Zero calibration" pop-up is appeared. Tap "Yes".
If you choose "No", nothing happen.
2.When the calibration is finished, start normal charging.

Caution:This function uses internet access for Use this with unmetered plan.
This function may not meet your expectation depending on a model or conditions.

**If you are annoying the battery consuming during use**
Stop unintended app!!
All apps are "waiting" for the version up or message receive if you don't use these apps.
This "waiting" has big impact for the battery consuming!!
Thus, let's "stop" the "waiting" unintended apps during you use another app.
///Other "task killer" apps can ONLY control from "running" to "waiting". "stop" is most important for the battery saving!!!

1.Put Regtan Battery widget on your home.
2.Tap "Regtan" on the page.
3.You can select 10 apps when you tap each "Force Quit". Network related app is most effective to save the battery.
4.Turn on the each chkbox .

How to use
1.When you tap "Start force quit now", Force quit page is appeared if the app is "Running" or "Waiting".
2.Tap "Force stop". Then an alert is popped up but this means just "you cannot receive some message from this app". If it is okay for you, plz tap OK.
3.Push "Back" button of your device.

-The Force quit page of Force quit1~3 is appeared when you unlock your device.
Select auto wake-up app like "LINE".

Caution:You cannot receive any message or something from "Stopped" apps. Turn on each apps when you use them.

**If you are annoying the battery consuming during sleep**
1.Put Regtan Battery and Reg Eco-sleep widget on your home.
2.Select 10 apps at the "Force Quit Setting". If you have already done it, no action is needed.

How to use
1.When you tap Reg Eco-sleep widget, the mobile data and Wifi connection are disconnected. Phone call is still remained.
2."Eco-sleep confirmation" is popped up. Tap "Yes".
If you tap "No", the disconnected connections are recovered.
3.Force quit page is appeared if the app is "Running" or "Waiting".
4.Tap "Force stop".
5.Push "Back" button of your device.
6.When all apps are disposed, your device is slept.
7.When you unlock your device, the disconnected connections are recovered.

Caution:You cannot receive any message from "Stopped" apps.
If you don't put the Regtan Battery widget on your home, the disconnected connections cannot be recovered.
Then, turn on the mobile data connection from Wireless/Network of your android setting page.
///If you use another battery save app like JuiceDefender, the efficiency is decreased. Stop them.

Tags: スマホ スリープ データオフ line 通知, バッテリー 100%表示から減らない, powmon scial 50.

Recently changed in this version

Add Eco sleep Widget!!
Increase Force stop register.

Add Zero Calibration and Force stop function.

Modify minor issue

Modify statusbar icon behavior during negative voltage

Modify statusbar icon behavior

Add statusbar icon

Add minimum voltage reset. Please tap the minimum voltage.
Modify widget freeze issue

Delete unnecessary img files.

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