RemindDroid is a powerful, easy and fast reminder application for Android. It combines fast and simple operability with wide-ranging customization options.

~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE ~~~~~~~
I started developing RemindDroid in the summer of 2011 and spent my whole free time on it for months, until I was forced to stop in January 2011 by an emergency in my family. After that time, I tried several times to come back to the development of this application, but my day job and an overload of work made it impossible to continue.
I still plan to continue my work on this application, especially because so many people seem to be interested in it. But please, please understand that I *unfortunately* can not promise that I will succeed in doing so. Thank you!

Simple and clever.
To create a reminder, only two things need to be supplied: a subject and a date. That’s it. It could not be quicker.

And powerful.
This minimalist concept actually makes the handling very quick and easy, but at the same time, it limits the customizability a lot. It would be nice to have wide-ranging customization options, allowing you to customize the notifications how you like them. This is where RemindDroid is very special, because it allows you to build configuration sets, so called presets, which can be assigned to reminders. The application comes with a user-friendly and extensive preset editor, which allows you to design your custom notification styles from components like sounds, vibration patterns, speech synthesis and rests.
This saves time and gives you nearly unlimited customizability.

And even more powerful.
The overall concept is the common approach in science: find the most simple solution that solves as many problems as possible. This includes a very individual declaration of dates. Beside many input options (date, time, countdown, etc.) this application provides repeating events with a large number of optional options, including also the special case of a pill reminder. Apart from that, it is possible to add to each reminder as many dates as you want.

After booting the device, all reminder events have to be re-scheduled to the alarm manager.
The application must be allowed to wake up the device when a reminder events occurs.
The internet access is exclusively used to provide advertisement banners.
At no time, personal (or any other) data are transferred!

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