Remote Call Divert




    Forgot your phone in your house? Expecting important calls? Don’t worry, this app allows you to receive your calls even being far from your phone.

    Very useful to people who need to receive calls frequently and just forgot the phone somewhere else!

    This app lets you activate remotely a call diversion to another phone very easily.

    Just send a text to your phone with a password and the phone you want to divert all your calls.

    For instance you want to divert your phone to the number 1234-56-78 and your password is abc123, just send a text to your phone with the following:

    divert on abc123 12345678

    Some carriers requires area code and/or country code on the number to activate correctly.

    The call divert is a service provided by your carrier. This app just let you activate remotely when you forgot your phone. Be aware of your carrier fees for activating this service.

    This app was only tested in Brazil, if you have any problem in your network please let me know.

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